About Nourish'D NATURALLY

Nourish'D NATURALLY is bringing whole food products to the market because we love food, not just any food but food that is rich in nutrition! Vitamins, minerals, fibre and all the other good stuff found in plants. We believe you were given the exact nourishment you require to thrive on in life, which you can find from the earth. 

Sadly, due to the miseducation about food, money-focused food businesses and time-poor lifestyles, we witness many people losing their connection to real food. This leaves many people opting for fast foods and highly processed foods. Thus, leaving many overweight, inflamed and, with a list of health complications longer than your shoelaces. 

Many health complications can fade through connecting to plants and returning to a simple (food) lifestyle - leaving you energetic, vibrant and enriched in life.



This is why we birthed Nourish'D NATURALLY packet mixes.

Each packet mix provides a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats to support your energy, body function and overall health. Each mix can be easily prepared in under 5 minutes using an abundance of vegetables or fruit to make snacks, dinners, breakfast or lunches. Fruit and vegetables are rarely used in the packet mixes available on the market, and, with the ease of a mix to make dinner, we believe it is fundamental that we fill the market gap and provide both (ease & fruits/vegetables). 

Each product is Gluten-free, Vegan, Refined sugar-free, Organic & Plant-based.


About the founder

I'm Alana. Integrative Health Practitioner, plant-based and lover of life.

As a child, I always had cake mix in my hair while running around in long grass, surrounded by the fragrance of fresh fruit and being immersed by cows and chooks - yep, I lived on a farm. And, I loved it! 

However, as I began kindy and later primary school, I soon fell into the trap of believing that I was wasn't good enough.